Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Still didn't feel like doing much today, briefly entertained the idea of going out for a run after work but gave that up and decided to make marzipan instead. I found a recipe describing it as easy and I already had all the ingredients in so off I went making my usual mess of the kitchen (I am not a tidy baker/cook).

I added some vanilla extract to the recipe and have to say it tasted not too bad at all, a little more crunchy than bought stuff as I had used golden caster sugar in it. I ended up with a fair amount of marzipan:


which I impressed myself with by not scoffing (well, apart from the obligatory tester piece or five) and put it in the fridge for a while whilst I rescued the cake from its hiding place under the stairs and got the apricot jam softened for sticking duties.

It rolled out surprisingly ok but its was a little more fragile than bought stuff but I managed to cover the cake ok:


Its supposed to dry for a couple of days then I can get on with bodging the icing. I also have enough left over to make Stollen (if I find the time).


  1. i'm impressed you've made you own marzipan. i'm going to jane to work straight away ;)
    the cake's looking very good so far...

  2. It was really, really easy and tasted pretty good, I think it would be really good covered in chocolate as its got a bit of texture. Still quite a bit left, only had a smidge earlier on to fuel my run (honest). Just need to find some time to make some stollen, always wanted to make some.

  3. Looks good, that is coming from someone who peels the marzipan off Christmas Cake! I really don't like it.

  4. I'm like that with the icing generally, not fussed at all. I know a quite few people who pick the marzipan off too, I eat it for them (until I start feeling sick from sugar overload)!