Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Had to come back home as had what turned out to be a very long dentist appointment (should've checked what was involved before agreeing to crown rather than replace a filling). Lots of icy pavements and a very icy car park. I'm just so glad I was travelling at a snails pace and not my usual fling my car into the space as when I hit the brakes I didn't stop immediately, would've slipped into the car in the opposite space!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself, the dentist surgery was freezing and I'm going to have to work later at home to make up some time now as I thought I wouldn't be that long. I'm feeling like I want to hibernate, hopefully it will pass soon, along with this sniffle (be gone!).

Off to make some hot Bottle Green Spiced Berry (in lieu of mulled wine) to feel better - oh and have some extra zinc, the white spots are back on my nails again.


  1. We've been having mulled wine in the evenings just lately, I think it's called for at this time of year.

  2. I know, I really like it but it goes straight to my head and I'm technically working! The BG stuff is almost as good though. May have to get some proper stuff (or make some if Jez will let me "waste" a good bottle of red, he can't stand mulled wine).

  3. Hehehe it goes straight to my head too. Specially when Glyn adds a glug of brandy to the mixture!

  4. mulled wine sounds like a good idea. that combine with benylin should give a good nights sleep ;)
    hope you're free of the sniffles today