Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I woke up feeling very tired yesterday, didn't sleep at all well and mindful of all the bugs going round decided to have a rest day. I felt ok when I woke up this morning so was probably a good idea. I got all my kit on, had a slice of toast and stepped out the house to get the bike and everything was all sparkly - for some reason I wasn't expecting it at all.

It wasn't a hard frost but the road was well covered. I walked my bike to the end of our cul-de-sac before getting on but not clipping in. It was pretty slippy all the way to the centre of Lostock Hall where the traffic volume had cleared most of the road. I clipped in here as it was almost clear but occasionally had to avoid the odd icy puddle. I did think about heading back home as I didn't fancy another hour of riding on ice again. I decided to give myself until the docks to make a decision.

When I got to the docks it started raining, the cycle path was completely clear though very wet so I continued on. The rain got heavier for a while then stopped. There was no more frost at all but lots of water. The wind picked up on leaving Warton (or I probably just turned into it) and the rain followed. It was hard work fighting the wind for the last few miles and just to round things off the rain got really heavy with the odd bit of hail.

My lower legs were pretty wet when I rolled into work but my top half was bone dry, hurrah for Paclite. I do have the trousers in the pannier and I can put them on if its wet on the way home, my knees got quite cold once the lycra was wet but I coudn't be bothered to stop on the way in and put them on. However the sun is shining here now so I might get away with it.


  1. wouldn't you end up just as wet/damp riding in full waterproofs?

  2. The paclite jacket is surprisingly good so far, I can't quite believe how good actually and why I didn't buy one years ago. The new trousers are paclite too, my old ones were most definitely boil in the bag cheapos!