Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Commute

I had been kind of planning to cycle to work on Christmas Eve all month. If the weather had been minging I might have passed on it but it is perfect this morning and it frees me from having to deal with any potential traffic problems on the M55/M6 today. Obviously as I've cycled in the motorways will be absolutely clear.

It was a pretty mild morning and lots of mist about on the fields as I climbed the short hill out of Preston. There was a lovely sunrise happening behind me and I almost crashed into a lamppost trying to look at it, then wobbled into the main carriageway of the Marsh Road at one point too. As the Marsh Road is a dual carriageway with cars hooning down it at 70mph minimum it wasn't an intelligent thing to be doing, traffic was at least very light being Christmas Eve. It really was lovely, gorgeous colours all diffused in the mist.

It is a major drawback of cycling west in the morning and east in the evening, I miss all the sunrise/sunset action. I hadn't brought my camera with me this morning anyway which is just typical when there is actually something to look at.

The new tyres seem fairly quick rolling even though they are a little wider at 1.5, I think they should help the handling when the panniers are fully loaded. I actually averaged 16mph today which is the fastest for quite while, even carrying the laptop as well as my usual clothes etc. Legs will probably fall off on the way home now!

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