Friday, December 5, 2008


That was my run today! I think I've got rid of the sniffle that had me, I've certainly got my motivation and energy back and if it had been dry last night I would've went out with the club but Jez's disapproving look when I mentioned it convinced me I probably shouldn't go out in freezing rain when trying to get rid of a cold.

I felt a little sniffly still this morning but I was ok once up and about. I had to get some cash to pay for my Xmas works meal so I thought I would head into St Annes town centre, via the beach, pick up some cash and a nice posh butty from M & S then head back. 30 - 40 minutes would be enough.

It was cold setting off and the battery in my HRM strap needs replacing as otherwise I'm dead with a 00 bpm heart rate. I got some cash just outside work then trundled off. I wasn't paying attention at all and ended up on some different streets, then on the wrong side of St Annes Road East which was just daft so I had to run north for a bit before hitting the beach. I got blown down the beach, I think "bracing" is the term, it was great, definitely good to be running.

I ran under the pier then popped back up onto the prom to head back into St Annes. I ran down the prom a bit first, which was a bit of a mistake because once I got to Clifton Drive I had to run all the way back again to get to the shops.

Now I know there is an M & S food hall in St Annes, I've seen it with my own eyes, but could I find it today? I ran up and down the main square for a while looking like a complete plank until I gave in and went into a bakers and bought a less luxurious butty. They had no fivers so I got 8 pound coins back which made it sound like I had sleigh bells on when I ran with them stuffed in my pockets - I just turned my Ipod up but people did keep turning round when I approached them.

I ran back to work carrying the butty, I don't know how people can run with those doughnut bottles in their hands, I hate having stuff in my hands when running.

I measured it at 5.21 miles (excluding prancing up and down the square) and I did double back on myself at least once as well. Just over 45 minutes at 8:45 pace.


  1. Sounds a great run!

    I'm with you I hate things in my hands when running, Ali though hates not having her bottle with her! Everyone is different though!

  2. that's such a hilarious image of you running up and down looking for m&s! i agreed about the those bottles, i can't run holding anything

  3. I prefer my little rucksack and a bladder if I need to carry stuff and/or water. I can't do bumbags either, just don't get on with them at all they always end up climbing up round my ribs.

  4. Sounds like you should have had that map and compass out today and taken a bearing of the food hall before setting off ;)

    I can't get on with stuff in my hands either it messes with my rhythm. I tried a bum bag for the first time on Wednesday and it worked OK for me. I want to start getting used to running with a small 'pac too.