Friday, December 12, 2008

Brrrrr out there today.

Garmin arrived last night, I picked it up on my way to my works meal which contributed in a little way to me ending up 20 minutes late for it and everyone wondering where I was. In typical me fashion I forgot to take my mobile with me so no one could get a hold of me and I had to hope I didn't break down on the pitch black M55 at any time. The biggest lateness contributer was the time hoover that managed to suck an hour out of my life last night without me noticing.

I configured the Garmin, removed the strap and replaced it with the pins (for bike mount and much comfier velcro wrist strap) and charged it up at work this morning. Was great to run with it again but I'd forgotten how big it was!

The wind was from a generally southerly direction so I ran the opposite way from normal. It felt so cold today, no sun to take the edge off. I headed down to Fairhaven Lake and ran back up towards the pier. I actually ran on the beach rather than the prom today for a bit of variety, though the softer stuff was quite hard work at times. There was also a section of quite cambered beach that my right IT band really didn't appreciate at all. Will be stretching that a lot, do not want to have to go and get it all released and "massaged" out again, no sirree.

I left the beach at the lifeboat station and headed to M&S, which I located last night as I was driving round trying to find a parking space, picked up some food and again found it a faff running back to work with it in my hands.

5.2 miles at 9.05 mm.


  1. So you had to give up and buy a new one? I love my garmin I don't think I could now cope without it!

    Glad you found M&S annoying how they had moved it on you the last time you were looking for it!