Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Windy Out

The forecast last night said 46mph westerly winds and rain for this area so cycling was out and I decided not to bring my kit to work as St Annes would get the worst of the wind. When I parked up I struggled to get the car door open and when I did the wind nearly blew it shut again on my leg. I struggled to walk over the car park and keep hold of my bags....so why am I sat here listening to the wind howl outside thinking to myself that it doesn't look that bad and I should've brought my stuff ?

Maybe if the rain starts I'll think I made the right decision....could be heading out after work for a short one perhaps.


  1. Yes it is windy out, but hey running in the wind isn't too bad...

  2. It's blow you off your feet wind here though. Will try to get out once I get home it will be much more sheltered and bearable. Still should've brought my running kit.

  3. Yes I guess being on the coast it would be worse!