Monday, November 17, 2008

Waterproof Trousers

Whilst my old waterproof trousers are ok for short rides they are not at all breathable, they also don't have articulated knees and they rubbed a little on my ride out to the farm shop on Friday. On a longer ride I would be just as wet from the inside as out. They were a bargainous 20 pounds about 7 years ago so I can't really complain. I think I will do some research on some better trousers in case I decide they are worth purchasing...maybe after Christmas.

I like the look of the Gore ones, though not the price but due to my exceedingly sporty thighs I need to find somewhere to try them on and check the fit. Mmmm kit shopping.


  1. I'm thinking I might like to get the gore ones as well, mine are not really suited for biking either, but they are very expensive!

  2. Indeed, with waterproofs you do get what you pay for I think. Still expensive as you say and I wouldn't wear them offroad as i'd just fall off, will think about it for a while and try to track some down to try on.

  3. I need waterproof trousers too, but for running if you have any suggestions? I can't see me wearing them a lot but the kit list for a lot of longer fell races stipulates full set of waterproofs!