Monday, November 3, 2008

Very Easy Lunchtime Run

Brought my kit to work and headed out for an easy run. It was a beautiful day and I'm only sorry I couldn't run for longer, I was smidge over dressed too. I ran a loop near work which I last did last summer I think. It is mainly pavement but there is some track skirting fields which was muddy in a way that only tractors can make it. I had to climb over a fence twice to get out of the way of tractors working on the fields, there wasn't enough room for them and me on the track.

There was a short section of very manicured tracks through some trees and I popped out at the gates of the cemetery which is at the end of millionaires row. There are some huge houses on this street and off this street (think its where Les Dawson used to live). I was disappointed to find that the peacocks weren't here today. Last time I ran down this road I came across two peacocks strutting around, the houses are vast enough that I thought they were somebody in the streets pets who had gotten out. Turns out there are/were a pair of "wild" peacocks in St Annes.

I was disappointed to head back to work but just over three miles was quite enough as I plan to cycle to work tomorrow, probably on the Spesh as prefer riding a more tank-like bike on pitch black roads - and I'll ride steadily too.


  1. I used to run at lunch when I worked at salford, but with only getting half an hour it was always a short run. Nice to see daylight in the winter bygetting out though!

  2. I can possibly get away with up to two hours (including changing time) if I'm not too busy and add time on at the end of the day or over the week. It doesn't always work out but I can get a proper run in most times if I need to.

  3. I'm always promising to take my running kit and run at lunchtime, but it's never happened yet! I should do it, a lunchtime run on the beach has to beat pavement pounding in the dark when I get home.

  4. The daylight is what's motivating me though I have limited choice of routes really and a low boredom threshold!