Friday, November 28, 2008

Uneventful Ride Home

Left work a little earlier than usual to get home and go pick up a parcel (the TV stand I had to reorder). It was really cold as the wind seemed to be coming in from an easterly direction which means I had the cold air in my face all the way home, had very cold fingers for a while.

The road surfaces were a little unpredictable so I rode more sensibly than usual, no massive leaning of bike into turns or anything like that. There wasn't any ice but where they had salted the road it was very greasy, there were also some wet patches and some very dry patches but it varied quite a lot. The greasy salted areas were the worst but there were very few of them by the time I got to Preston.

Tranway was dry but absolutely baltic, I was glad to get to the end of it and get home. I only had time to get changed and have a drink before heading off to a humungous parcel depot to pick up the TV stand.

We then spent the evening putting it together and having some wine, however it took longer than expected and I was quite late getting to bed and was shattered (I knew I was shattered as I didn't want to finish my wine!) which wasn't ideal as I had a race tomorrow.

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