Monday, November 17, 2008


It was a very, very wet ride home. It started off as light rain and drizzle in St Annes and got progressively heavier as I got nearer to Preston. There was a lot of standing water at the side of the road so my left foot in particular was soaked through, I could feel the water between my toes. It wasn't actually too bad visibility wise as it wasn't driving into my face and the helmet peak kept a lot off. I did have some daft bint in a BMW pull out on me such that I had to brake hard - the first time that's happened for a while - she really didn't see me, even with the HID. I normally point the HID down a lot on roads but its obviously down too far.

I only started to feel really wet and cold about a mile from home as the water started to really get in around jacket cuffs and my neck but I was very drenched when I took my kit off. We've had a new wooden floor put in and I had a comedy moment trying to get in and get my outer kit off without getting cleats on the floor or dripping loads of water onto it, nearly did the splits trying to do a big step into the downstairs loo and the doormat slipped away from me. I've put the rubber backed mat from the back door there temporarily now . Contents of the panniers were absolutely bone dry, not a hint of water at all. Just as well really as don't think the laptop would've appreciated a soaking.


  1. Surely the point of a wooden floor is that you can just dump wet kit on it, otherwise its a bad choice of flooring!

    I love the feeling of a nice bath and eating lots of food after a ride like that!

  2. I'm sure I'll get less fussed with time, but its new. Its like having a new frame and trying not to get it scratched.