Friday, November 28, 2008

Slippy ride to work

Rode to work this morning. I managed to get my fleecy layer dried last night but I decided to wear a thin Helly under it for riding to work with the Paclite, would be a good test of the jacket. It was absolutely baltic stepping out of the house but roads were ok, I again stuck to the main roads but the few puddles I saw were liquid rather than ice.

As I was heading out of Preston, just approaching the roundabout at the Audi garage, I took the centre of the road to go round and the front wheel slid away, then the back wheel slid a little. I managed to ride it out but it made me breathe deeply (new expensive jacket jinx trying to make me fall off). I didn't see anything so I'm guessing it was either black ice or a diesel spill.

It was quite frosty and slippy from then and off course they hadn't gritted the cycle path (turns out they hadn't gritted the road either, sure they will have tonight though) so I took it fairly steady. The climb was ok but as I was approaching the Texaco garage I saw a bloke on a road bike trying to get going again but his back wheel kept spinning. I unclipped my feet and put them on the flat side of the pedals at this point as there was a short downhill coming up. It was very frosty and I gained a little speed but I didn't dare touch the brakes and so stayed upright.

Once I got onto the Marsh Road and the roadside cycle lane things were a little better, there was the odd bit of frost but ok. Then I saw lots of brake lights up ahead, not a good sign. I continued riding up past the traffic and could see the blue flashing lights. I could also see a white Corsa facing the wrong way on the verge of the opposite carriageway though I think it was a separate incident. When I got closer to the blue lights there were about four cars who had obviously been bouncing off each other, lots of damage and crumpled crumple zones. Everyone seemed to be out of their cars ok though. I cycled past with the traffic trying to avoid getting the debris into my tyres.

It was frosty until just leaving Warton then it was fine all the rest of the way to work. I had passed Stu heading the opposite way just before the Texaco garage. He said the section of road where the Corsa was and the accident happened was actually very icy as did Jez when he had to drive past it later. its been a sunny day today so hopefully it will have dried off for the way home.

Jacket was great, I was just right temperature wise on my top half and there was hardly any condensation in the jacket which is great. The new jacket jinx still got me as I spilt half my coffee onto the left sleeve onto the nice white stitched Gore Tex logo - its coffee coloured now.


  1. I thought I was the only person that had new jacket jinx syndrome. My best ever was tea all up the inside of the arm of a new jacket that had a cream fleece lining. A quality tea spilling moment!

  2. I'm a fellow sufferer! I also threwmost of the coffee all over the step at work this morning, I'm amazed I got so little on myself to be honest.

  3. Good on you for riding this morning, i love winter commuting!