Monday, November 17, 2008

Sent to Coventry.......My Stupidity Continues

I seem to be continually doing daft life disrupting things to the point I have now created a blog label for it!

This weekend I was supposed to be racing XC on Saturday, followed by a spin out on a bike on Sunday. I didn't get to do either of them.

Saturday's XC race was out due to me not being able to order a TV stand properly. After much deliberation we decided there was too much faff involved mounting the TV on the wall, the amount of wiring to be hidden was just silly so we found a rather nice spangly Alphason TV stand with piano black glass (to hide the rats nest of wires but to show the dust up more effectively). We really didn't want the clear glass one, really, really didn't. Guess which one I ended up ordering?

It turned up and we didn't even need to open it as it was very well labelled as the Clear Glass model. Thinking indignantly they had sent the wrong one I checked my order e-mail and they had sent exactly what I had asked for - oh dear. I had a look at the website at the stand and the picture was the black glass model but numpty here hadn't noticed the drop down box underneath and just ordered the clear one.

it was a huge box and weighed 46kg (handily displayed on the box), when I phoned the company we'd ordered it from they were very helpful but did say it would cost a lot to send back. No kidding, a quote from a couriers came in at around 80 pounds due to it being over the 32kg safe lifting for one person limit. The shop was in Coventry and Jez was already heading down near Birmingham on the Saturday anyway so I accompanied him and we dropped it off at the shop in person which took care of Saturday.

The Coventry ring road is something else!

We continued with some painting in the lounge on Sunday morning then the plan was to do something less boring instead for a couple of hours as it was a beautiful day. Jez headed off to fly his various toys and I planned a road bike ride to explore some roads and lanes of roud Croston way. I had gotten all my kit together and was just about to go get my road bike from the garage when I realised I had left my keys in Jez's car. FFS!

We only have two keys to the garage atm and both of them were now in Jez's car so I couldn't get a bike out. I could've screamed with frustration (in fact I think I did). I didn't want to run as I had planned a speed session on Monday so in the end I decided to go for a walk and check out some lanes that may have cycleways through them. I took my little camera with me and ended up taking a few photos of some nice red leaves within about five minutes of leaving the house.

I then walked back to the house and picked up the DSLR to have a good play with it. I haven't went for a walk with a proper camera for a few years, I used to do it all the time when I did a lot of black and white photos. I had a fun couple of hours as the light was just fantastic and its great being able to see exactly what I've taken, I'd also forgotten how much I liked trees, particularly autumnal trees!

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