Monday, November 10, 2008

Running and a little cycling.

Due to car shenanigans I'm working from home today which disrupted plans slightly, but not too much. The plan today was to do a 7 mile run at lunchtime along the seafront. I still got out for a run but had to run around the Ribble area, which was actually really pleasant.

I took the car to the Preston Ford garage this morning (earlier than planned but the builders were drilling and giving me a headache) as I didn't fancy driving it all the way to my usual garage in Blackpool, which turned out to be a sensible plan as it broke down once on the way there. It happened as I was driving down a hill so I was able to roll the car off the road, I waited 10 minutes and it started up again. It was obviously not happy but I made it to the garage without further incident. I must say the Preston Ford garage seems a bit more efficient than Blackpool as I was booked in quickly and on my way.

I nipped to Morrisons on the docks in Preston which is my least favourite supermarket to shop in, anywhere, ever. I had to cycle all the way to the opposite end of the store to find proper bike parking, not pointless stuff that you can only lock the wheel to (which with QR wheels is not at all secure!). It was full of OAPs which shouldn't be surprising given it was about 10am on a working day but it was amazingly busy. I seemed to be getting a few funny looks then I realised my basket only contained a 1.5 litre bottle of vodka, soup and a loaf of bread! The vodka is to get cracking on the cranberry vodka I make for Chistmas presents (it wasn't for me, honest), it needs a few weeks to mature properly so now is the time to get on with it - the first batch is already maturing.

I cycled back home into a cold headwind but I was wearing the waterproof trousers (not bad actually) so my legs didn't feel cold. I did some work before I couldn't stand the noise any longer and went out for a run. I headed in a roundabout way to the Ribble and had a really enjoyable, if hungry run. It turned out to be 6.7 miles so I wasn't that far off my planned run anyway. I started off a little too fast and finished slowly but I was quite hungry by the end. It was really nice to get out in the daylight, a cold wind but no rain.

I'm going to double check the forecast for tomorrow before making my decision on what to do, I'd like to cycle but if its stupidly windy then I may get a lift with Jez and take my running kit to work instead.....


  1. Haha! Vodka and soup, classic early morning shopping basket. How do you make the cranberry vodka, it sounds yum, fresh or dried cranberries?

  2. Fresh (actually frozen are easier). I got the recipe out of Good Food a couple of years ago and make more and more each year (mainly to give away). Linky:

    The longer its left the better, its very drinkable and very lethal! I'm experimenting with a batch of cranberry and orange this year.

  3. No were you in lycra with just vodka and bread, that would look odd!

  4. No lycra, but dayglo yellow cyclists jacket and waterproof bottoms, a buff on my head with Sylvester the cat plastered all over it and clear lensed shades on (but normal shoes at least). I also shoved my gloves in the back pocket of my jacket so I looked like I had a huge bulge at my bum. I am under no illusion I looked odd, vodka notwithstanding!

  5. The silly thing is I forget I look odd in bike clothes, seeing as I wear them so often!