Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Planned Intervals

On last weeks intervals I did 8 x 1 minte intervals so 8 minutes of hard effort, this week I'm changing to 2 minute intervals so at least 5 of them which gives 10 minutes of hard effort and a bit of progression from last week. If I feel good I will do 6 but that is a max.

So I think todays session is to be:

20 minute/2 mile warmup (Keep my heart rate down!)

5 (or 6 max) x 2 minutes with 1 jog minute recoveries

15/20 minute jog back to work (Get Heart Rate back down)

I want to build back up to 4 x 4 minutes as I was doing before I got into hilly runs.


  1. Sounds a good (and sensible) plan. My hard tuesday isn't happening after I was up at 5am with a sore knee, which still isn't right! So having a sensible day.

  2. Oh no, a bit of rest sorted it out last time ?

  3. I'm always going to have knee problems, left over from skiing. It's annoying at the moment as usually when I am fit I have less problems, but they playing up a bit at the moment. Hopefully it'll be fine again tomorrow.

  4. It was a jump in your normal running speed so it was probably a big factor in them playing up again. Cycling is a lot more forgiving on the body! What kind of skiing did you do to bring on knee problems (I only fall off snowboards occasionally so got no idea about skiing)

  5. I was a mogul skier


    It is pretty hard on the knees.

    I now snowboard, it was my obssession before biking.

  6. Ouchie for the knees! Before I moved down here and found biking my obsession was Tae Kwon Do, my only lasting damage amazingly was a broken front tooth. Had quite a few concussions and serious rib bruising, no permanent damage - probably.

  7. I think cycling will last though as there so many different types of cycling to stop me getting bored!