Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Riding Last Night

Various snafu's including people not actually coming and stuck at work late and my shoulder meant that we decided not to ride. Jez and I had gone to Abbey Village and normally if I've bothered to get myself and bike there then I'll ride but I was worried about my shoulder and controlling the bike in the inevitable slippy stuff as I tweaked it lifting things into the car. I surprised myself at how happily I agreed to go home and do some more sorting out.

Shoulder is better today but still but still needs constant stretching, letting my head drop down seems to really pull it. I am planning on cycling to work on Friday to make up for not riding last night.

The paclite arrived. Its not quite the blue I was expecting, its more a grey/blue which isn't super visible but it is a very light shell in comparison to the heavy Altura so now I'm wondering whether I'll need more layers ?

I also ordered a pair of the Gore Solid Paclite MTB pants, they are described as loose fit which means my thighs have a chance of fitting in them. I realised that I have been planning to buy some light weight waterproof bottoms for walking for a long time, the ones I currently have are very good but they are also very heavy, only really suitable for the depths of winter (or summer in the Cairngorms). The Paclites should fit the bill and get some use other than just for fubbing about on a bike.


  1. I've been out in my paclite in some pretty cold conditions last winter and was fine in a l-sleeve merino baselayer with a s-sleeved jersey over the top. I reckon Buff, hat and good gloves are what makes all the difference.

    Hope your shoulder mends soon.

  2. Probably depends how cold you get, I like the gore jacket as it is such a thin layer so good in all seasons. But I get cold easily. Last night I was wearing a base-layer, jersey and soft-shell. Today the waterproof went on top of that. Last week I had two base layers and that lot. But I think I'm just a cold person!

  3. I run quite cold too generally, my fleecy layer is in the wash so may have two thinner layers on then.

  4. I find that I'd rather be too warm on the ups as I get so cold on the downs, base layers are great as if you get to hot you can take one off and they take hardly any room!