Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cycle commute

As I was carless and the weather was due to be kind I decided to forgo this evenings night ride and cycle to work instead, Jez also needed his car so that kind of sealed it. The ride in was quite slow, very slow in fact, I was overtaken lots but I was on the Spesh with a lot crammed in the pannier so I actually didn't care.

As I was cycling out of Warton, about 12 miles in I started to get aches in my knees. I was a bit worried as I am riding clipped into SPDs rather than my usual Egg beaters and I need the movement the Eggs give. I realised that my saddle (another one) was actually too low as I lumbered through St Annes. The new carbon forks had raised the front end up quite a bit, well to the correct height actually and whilst I had levelled the saddle I hadn't taken account of the fact it would need raising. I sorted it once I got to work.

it was quite mild riding in but it seemed a lot colder on the way home. My legs felt much better being able to spin properly though I still didn't try to hammer it, the Spesh just doesn't lend itself to it at all which is strangely ok with me. I took a wrong turn trying to cut through the docks though, I've only tried the cut through once before but it was still annoying.

The moonlight was really nice as I headed into Avenham park, it was lighting up the River nicely. I stopped on the tramway bridge for a bit to look at it before heading home. The last treelined section is fantastic in the dark, especially with the HID, the shadows on the trees are amazing.

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