Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cycle Commute

Rode in to work trying to stay with Jez but also trying not to ride too hard, kind of failed at both really! Still it was a nice ride in and fun on the road bike, it actually wasn't too cold or windy for a change.

Ride home I think I just dawdled! There seemed to be lots of cyclists around and I wasn't in the mood for overtaking any of them as they were men and would just try to pass me again. I usually quite enjoy pushing on but CBA'd tonight. I couldn't be bothered to ride hard at all. I did enjoy having the extra visibility that the HID provides (Jez had my Joystick) as it has a wider beam and I could pick out any stray bricks lying on the side of the road easier, of which there were a few - god knows where they came from.

My average HR was 138 on the way home, helped in part by getting stuck at a junction for a while no doubt but take it easy I certainly did!

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  1. I always just pootled when I was on my commute, no need to rush ;)