Monday, November 24, 2008

Cold Evening Run

Got home about 6:50 pm and was out running by 7:05 pm. It was pretty cold so I started running a bit faster than normal to warm up. As I was heading out of the estate I passed someone washing their car by hand, in the dark, in the freezing cold. Why?

I had debated with myself all the way home where I was going to run, I needed some cash and decided to run to a cash machine in Leyland, exactly which one would depend on how I was feeling. I felt cold and breathing was a little difficult due to the cold air and I think my airways being a little irritated still. My legs also felt like they had never run a step before, really heavy at times.

I ended up running to the HSBC in the centre of town, I decided once I got into it I wanted to run for 20 minutes at least before turning back. As I was stopped at the machine I was coughing quite a bit but it stopped as soon as I started running again.

My quads and bum felt really cold by the time I got home, my tights are fleece lined but they are not particularly thick so for the very cold I don't think they are quite enough. I did 4.75 miles in the end at 8:45 pace. I have noticed a diffence already from the speedwork, not the actual speed as that was cold induced but my running stride felt a lot smoother again from a little bit of time spent working on it.


  1. Great commitment getting out and you are a fast runner!

  2. yeh, keep up the speed work, it certainly seems to be working. i'm going to try and start doing some next week thanks to your report!

  3. I really enjoy the sessions normally too which helps, but it does have a benefit (as long as I don't overdo it)