Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chuffing Car - Part Two

I didn't get to the Burnley XC race yesterday, I completely forgot my car had broken down on Thursday night. I didn't have to drive anywhere on Friday as I was working at home and I walked the couple of errands I had to do. I decided against cycling as they were both only a mile each way and I wanted to kick through all the fallen leaves like a five year old, twas fun.

I set off to the race a little later than planned anyway as we are in the process of redoing the lounge. I did feel a little guilty driving off leaving Jez to get on with painting the new plaster. Anyway, a couple of minutes after hitting the M65 the car starts to misbehave, hard to describe but feels like it wants to stall and at motorway speeds that isn't good. I turned around at Jct 3 and headed home while it still sputtered quite a few times. I managed to get home without it completely conking out. Jez had nipped out in his car so I resigned myself to getting my painting jeans on and getting stuck in.

I did ride to the farmshop later in the afternoon, I was glad I did as it was nice to get out for 10 easy miles but I only put my front light on as an afterthought, which is just as well as I really needed it on the way home.

I knew I wouldn't get much done today except housey stuff but I rode into Preston to do some shopping (start of my Christmas shopping too), it's only 6.5 miles round trip or so. I took a different exit out of Avenham park as I wanted to check out the bike parking at the station, it was just as steep as the other way I go but they've thoughfully put some speedbumps in made of cobbles which my tyres don't grip well if I'm stood up. The bike parking at the station is on a quiet covered platform and there were a few other bikes there and passengers milling about on the other platforms.

I felt happier leaving my bike there rather than in the middle of the street and faffed about in town for about an hour and a half. I was glad the platform was covered as it was throwing it down when I made my way back to the bike, it allowed me to pack up the pannier properly and sort myself out without getting wet. Thumbs up for parking in the station.

I got absolutely soaked on the way home, the rain was icy cold and I had a headwind which meant it was in my face for most of the way home. I had my waterproof jacket on top so I was ok there but I only had thin trousers on the bottom and they were dripping by the time I got home. My legs and fingers were freezing so it was another hot shower to the rescue. The mudguards do work really well but my feet still got wet from the water running down my legs.

I dug out a pair of waterproof trousers I bought when I first started MTBing, they are too warm for serious biking but should be ok for that kind of easy pedalling, I will chuck them in the bottom of the pannier from now on!


  1. For short trips I wear waterproof trousers, especially if I am going somewhere. I don't mind getting home soaking wet as I can get dry clothes on but if you are going somewhere and can't change its not much fun. Shame about your car, I hope you find out what is wrong with it!

  2. I'm so used to wearing lycra on the bike which is fine when its wet as I have always been heading out on a ride so am dressed as a "cyclist". Just need to remember to put them in the pannier. Still, it was good to find the station is a good place to leave the bike for a while as I'll be even less inclined to take the car into town now.

  3. I'm the same so I'm trying to learn I don't always have to wear lycra. I now ride to Asda (a whole 1.1miles) in normal clothes!

  4. It's wearing normal shoes I like, putting the flat sided pedals on was really worthwhile so I don't have to clippety clop around. I still looked a dork in my dayglo waterproof jacket in town on Sunday but it wasn't compounded by cycling shoes and lycra.

  5. Yes I have an odd idea of fashion, I wouldn't think you looked like a dork and I'd be working out what brand your jacket is! I wear normal shoes on my spd's for short trips. But I stil turned up in full lycra for a medical appointment last week, I forget its not normal!