Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Cold Clammy Ride

Jacket was even worse on the way home, probably because I was trying to put some effort in, felt quite chilled up top by the time I got home which wasn't good. There was quite a bit of traffic I had to filter alongside coming onto Strand Road, felt a little precarious at times with people hugging the kerb in their cars. It took me to Preston to realise that the squeaky chain noises of the other bike I kept thinking was stalking me was actually my own. I hadn't lubed it after getting it drenched last week and it was really, really squeaky. My bad!

I rode along the tramway on the way home and it was actually quite dry. My hands really got cold coming alongside the river and by the time I hit the last really cold stretch of the tramway they were painfully cold, my left thumb as usual being the worst.

They warmed up almost as soon as I climbed out of the cutting, it was really noticeable. The ground was just starting to get a little frosty as I was riding through the tramway, lots of little sparkles. The tip of my left thumb was still frozen when I got in the house, was painful thawing it out.

Looking forward to the Paclite arriving.

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