Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Run

Didn't get to the Cross Country on Saturday, I was on call and as there was a live release I was supporting I didn't take the risk (if, however it had been a nice, crisp autumn day rather than a minging wet one I probably wouldn't have been so risk averse!) . I spent most of the day sorting out our new PC, it still isn't fully set up.

As things were so wet I decided not to go offroad for my Sunday run, I planned a predominantly road loop involving some quiet streets and lanes and a whizz round Cuerden park. It would be just under 8 miles at a nice steady pace. I got all my kit on and the heavens opened. It was a shower so I waited for it to pass. I was supposed to be home for 1:30 pm (to look at wood flooring, woo (not)!) but didn't head out the door until close to 1pm and it would take me at least an hour and 20 minutes at slow run pace.

The sun came out and it was lovely so off I went, I could always cut out the extra loop in Cuerden Park if necessary. I headed out through some residential streets looking for ways to miss out the main traffic lights in the centre of town on the bike, I am starting to get to know the layout of the town much better. I headed out to Fowler lane which is a nice traffic free road. I crossed over the River Lostock and it was very, very full.

I then headed into Cuerden Park via some very wet lanes but mainly traffic free. I passed the visitor centre and dropped down into the park. The sun was out and the park looked lovely, its quite a steep sided valley and there was a nice view across. The park was busy with families etc. I checked my watch and it was about 13:20 or something but I thought sod it I'll do the park loop, Jez is often back late from flying anyway.

They've been doing quite a bit of work on all the paths and they are now all rideable on a road bike, which is a little sad but hey ho. I basically skirted on half of the park then followed the flat path alonside the River Lostock again. The banks aren't very high here and the river wasn't far off the top. I attacked the steep, but thankfully short hill out of the valley (forgot about that, ouchie) then over the M6 and headed back home.

As I jogged into our street I could see Jez was back and it was now after 2pm so I was expecting to be told off but he never said anything as I popped into the garage to see him. As I sat down in the house to have a drink I checked on the progress of stuff I was copying across to the new PC and the clock said 13:26 - doofus, I hadn't changed my watch.

I think I ran a little too fast for a slow run, just over 9:05 mm which with the wind and hills was a bit too much effort to be putting in. For a predominantly road loop it was really enjoyable.

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