Thursday, October 30, 2008

Short Run

I continued my run of stupidity by forgetting to take my works pass with me this morning. I had to get a colleague to come to the main gate to sign me on and I didn't get a pass that would work the doors to my building so I was kind of trapped in there for the day. Lunchtime's planned run was done this evening.

I headed out for just over three miles at whatever pace I felt like doing, it is still pretty cold but I really enjoyed the run. The day off meant my legs didn't feel quite so battered as Monday and Tuesday. I couldn't get down to the club tonight as we have lots to sort out for the lounge. Although I can categorically say that the Garmin unit wasn't in the lounge -we have emptied it of everything and as all the stuff is scattered over the rest of the house its going to be difficult to find it anywhere at the minute.

Rest tomorrow and Helvellyn Trail on Saturday, the weather looks like it may be ok.

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