Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lunchtime Run

Took my kit to work to get out for a lunchtime run as I'm sure the forecast said it was going to be sunny but very cold. Cold, crisp autumn/winter days are the best for running along the sea front, its nice and bracing and usually quite quiet. Of course the sun didn't materialise but the cold was certainly there.

I ran in quite a roundabout way (not intentional just not paying attention to where I was) to the north of the pier then ran along the beach for a while. It was really cold so I was running a little faster than I intended but it was nice to take a break from tarmac pounding and run on the sand for a while. I ran as far as I could comfortably on the sand but it changed to a narrow strip that had a noticeable camber so I headed back up on to the prom.

The tarmac was sore for a bit but I managed to get into a nice steady rythym, it has a long unbroken stretch with no junctions on it, It is good for my running to do this kind of run but I do prefer hills and mud. I ran down to Fairhaven Lake, I was feeling quite warm by the time i got there and was almost tempted to take my sleeves off but I didn't as I thought the wind was behind me.

It was! I was supposed to be jogging the mile and a half back to work but as I turned off the beach and started heading north again there was a hail shower. It wasn't heavy and quickly changed to rain but it was cold and the wind was cold so I just tried to get back to work asap and again spent ages in the shower trying to warm up.

6.7 miles in just under 59 minutes, I may just be getting some running speed back. Will be giving the legs a break tomorrow, they need it.


  1. Sounds speedy to me! Must be nice to be able to run along the sea front in your lunch break. I used to run on the beach the odd time at university.

  2. Suspiciously speedy, though I do have good runs every now and then. If I didn't have the beach to head to I would go mad, it's all residential streets otherwise.