Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting Soaked on Errands

Went to Sainsburys this afternoon after my run, its only just over a mile but would spin my legs out a little.

The new forks do make a difference but I need to adjust the saddle as they are a little higher than the previous forks and the saddle seemed tilted back. It was windy and grey when I went into the store, by the time I got to the checkout it was throwing it down.

It eased off a little before I got to the bike but it didn't really matter, having no mudguard on the front wheel meant I was drenched immediately from the surface water. It was also difficult to see as the wind was flinging the rain into my eyes, my lower legs were very, very cold when I got home.

I do need to sort out a mudguard of some sort soon.

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