Monday, October 20, 2008

Errand Running - Literally

I got out after work and ran to Leyland library and back. The wind was still strong but not as bad as it was in St Annes, just walking across the car park was an ordeal, never mind trying to run.

I had to take a book back as well as pick up a reservation so I decided to take my little running rucksack. The book needed some persuasion to go in and I hoped the one I was going to pick up wasn't any bigger else I'd have to carry it in my hands.

I was setting off into the wind so again ran for effort not pace, as it was basically out and back I would get the wind behind me on the way home. Into the wind it was chilly and I had my jacket sleeves on and gloves though in any sheltered area it was obvious it wasn't really that cold. My lower legs are still feeling it a littl so I took my time to make sure I was well warmed up.

I got to the library in what seemed like no time and picked up a smaller book thankfully. I took my jacket sleeves off for the run home as the wind would be behind. I soon took the gloves off too as it was quite warm without the wind in my face. I took advantage of the tail wind and pushed my heart rate up around the 170 mark for the last couple of miles. It was 5.8 miles in total and a nice length for an evening run.

A nice run with a purpose, made all the difference on a dark windy night.

I'm working at home tomorrow as I will be waiting in for the blokes coming to stuff our cavity walls with insulation, not sure what I'm going to do but if I run it will be a short one.

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