Friday, October 17, 2008

Easy Run

I could feel last nights run in my legs this morning, I was quite surprised but I haven't actually done any real tarmac running this month at all. I also had a meeting scheduled for 1:00 pm (not 2:00 pm as I thought) so I couldn't get out for a long one anyway.

I decided to go out for about half an hour and keep my heart rate below 160, just a leg stretcher. I set off with the intention of running around the golf course. I realised after a few minutes that I wasn't on the street I thought I was. I got back to where I should've been after another few minutes so no big problem.

As St Annes is pan flat it was easy to keep it nice and slow, I also jogged up the hill nice and slow. Its not actually a hill, its a bridge over the railway but its as close to a hill as it gets round here.

I picked up the path alongside the railway line then crossed into the golf course and headed back to work. I measured the run on Fetch at 3.5 miles (you've guessed it, still haven't found the Garmin) and it took 32 minutes.

I averaged a HR of 151 which was perfect, really nice and low for me running. Interestingly I averaged at 9:09 pace which was faster than my eyeballs out Cross Country race on Saturday! What a difference flat tarmac and no cold can make to running speed and HR!

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