Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cycling Miles 292 for September

I have been doing lots of errand running by bike this month as well as cycle commuting to work at least once a week. I hadn't been keeping too close a check on the totals but I knew it was over 200 miles or so. It is in fact 292 If I'd been paying attention I would've done the 8 miles required to get over the 300 mark.

Out of those miles only about 60 are "going out for a ride" miles. The rest are all from commuting or errand running. So that's 230 miles or so I haven't used my car for.

Also 192 of those miles have been done on the Specialized, poor thing doesn't know what's hit it! It thought it was in retirement, forever to be hung up in the garage.

Running miles weren't brilliant due to injury but I'm not far off 500 for the year, my goal this year is 600 miles so getting close.

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  1. I'm terrible for trying to get a round number, today I rode round in circles trying to get to 100km!

    Great that so much of your mileage is just errands!!