Monday, October 27, 2008

Cycling and Running - Brrrr!

Had to take my car in for a service today, the garage is in Blackpool and in the past I've always gotten a courtesy car as it is free. They are now charging 15 pounds for one and my Scottishness wouldn't allow me to pay that much for driving it 8 miles. I hadn't really appreciated it was only an 8 miles round trip from the garage to work as it seems to take ages due to traffic.

I have the Spesh kitted out with flippy pedals so I put it and a pannier stuffed mainly with my laptop and work papers but also lunch and work clothes in the boot of the car to cycle. I would change trousers and top only as would be bimbling along anyway. It was quite cold in the morning, glad I had my buff on my head under my helmet, also had the "boil-in-the-bag" flouro yellow jacket on so I was warm enough. I had a headwind all the way to work so thought I would have a nice tailwind on the way back....err wrong!

The wind changed direction to mainly northerly and it was really bloody cold riding into it. It was also depressingly dark at 5pm, I had walking style trousers on and they do have a little wind proofing but they are not warm as such, my quads felt really cold. I cranked the heating up in the car all the way home.

I had (quite sensibly of me) laid out all my kit to go running last night, I got in, put it all on and got out the door...and gasped. It was proper cold, the kind that really permeates, I was glad I decided to put the fleecy longs on my legs and the sleeves on my jacket. I had thought about doing 6 miles or so but it was too cold to run that far, I decided to do a shorter 3 mile run but have some fast efforts in the middle instead. I set off trying not to breathe in too hard, it takes a while for me to adjust to running in the cold air again.

After a mile or so I try to do a fast minute or so to warm up even more but my legs weren't having it at all, they were quite tired from yesterday's run and my joints felt a little stiff from the tarmac so I kept it to a steady pace, enough to keep some heat in me and was glad I hadn't decided to go further. It was cold enough that I never uncovered my ears, or unzipped my jacket , or was tempted to take my gloves or sleeves off. Normally one of them happens on a run even in the cold.

I tried again to pick up the pace on the last stretch but only succeeded in making my legs feel even more battered so just plodded home. I always walk the last 50 or so metres back to the house to shake my legs out but it was too cold and I broke into a jog again. I spent ages in the shower warming up!

I wanted to cycle to work tomorrow but it looks like we will be moving all the stuff out of the lounge ready for the builders to start demolishing it on Wednesday. It will disrupt things for a couple of weeks and I think I may end up struggling to get some cycling in for a bit - I hate painting!

In the end it was 3.8 miles at just under 9mm mile pace which was longer than I intended to run and faster than I thought given that it felt like I was wading though treacle at times.

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