Thursday, October 16, 2008

Club Run

Got down to the club for a run last night. I didn't cycle as it was wet and I am really trying to get rid of this cold so no point overdoing it. I was going to run in the slow group but it seemed everyone headed out together. A lot of the club are doing the Fell Relays on Saturday so were taking it easy. It was a nice pace and I think the cold has gone, I just felt unfit!

I got rained on once but didn't get too cold as they kept things moving along. My nose only blocked up with snot towards the end but it'll take a few days for that to completely go. It was around 5 miles in total which was just right for me tonight.

I was going to ride to work tomorrow at a bimble but I have just remembered I have to drop Jez off at work, will take my running kit with me instead.

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