Monday, October 20, 2008

Bloody Wind

Brought my running kit to work today but the wind is so strong I can't be bothered going out to run my planned 6 miles. The only good thing about running in St Annes is the beach/prom but it'll be too windy today and I'll end up with a face full of stinging sand assuming I can actually run along it, been beaten off it by the wind before. I can run round boring streets anywhere.

I've seem to have a lot on this week and am not sure I'll be able to cycle to work as will be working from home a couple of days at least.

My plan to get myself out running this evening is to run to Leyland Library, take one book back and pick up another. It will be a 6 mile or so round trip on streets I've never run before and will have a purpose rather than just a run. Hopefully that will motivate me to get out when I get home, I like running routes I've never done before even if they are along main roads.

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