Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bimbling about

It was such a lovely day today, a total contrast to yesterday anyway! I had a long list of jobs that I needed to do and have been putting off but as it was such a nice day I did all the shopping I needed to do by bike and wasted lots of time doing that instead as I tried to take the long way round everywhere. My calves in particular were feeling it from yesterday but a bit of a spin out seemed to do them good. I did 19 miles in the end which was enough task avoidance!

The Ribble was pretty high and fast flowing, not surprisingly I suppose...I didn't actually need to go near the Ribble but thought it would be nice along there, with it being such a sunny day and all:

That tree isn't normally in the river!

I have/am about to enforce a couple of "No Computer" days on myself to make sure I make a dent in the list! I can spend hours on the PC in task avoidance - bit like work really!

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