Sunday, October 12, 2008

.........and Fingerprints

My cold is making a bid to come back so I took it easy today, I was intending on heading out for a ride of some sorts today but decided not to. Jez fitted the carbon fork to the Spesh and put new pads on the rear brake, then had to spend an hour or so faffing with it as the brakes kept binding. I did spit my dummy out a little as he said the brakes would "bed in" but I refused to ride a bike where the back wheel wouldn't free wheel more than quarter of a revolution. I've ridden it before in that state and it was horrible. I'm not sure what he did to it but it is spinning properly now, just need to think about mudguards.

I was due to be heading out for a curry this evening and the plan was to go to the climbing wall before hand. I haven't been climbing for about six months so I knew it would be hard work and would do a s a rest day workout! When I was climbing regularly I always seemed to dismiss climbing as "proper" exercise and then get caught out when I was too tired to climb well from running and cycling. It is a proper workout but its not aerobically knackering like running or least not when I'm doing it regularly! It is tiring in its own way.

I found it aerobic tonight! I was puffing like a train at the top of the wall a few times tonight. The first couple of climbs were amusing as I had forgotten how to think and plan my moves like a climber, however that started to improve just as my strength faded. I've lost a bit of strength and stamina but I haven't regresses to beginner level thankfully, a few weeks would get me back up there. I could still tie on and belay though my climbing shoes appear to have shrunk since I last wore them.

I really enjoyed it again but will need to really think about fitting it in to what I do at the minute, Friday evening is looking promising though.

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