Thursday, September 11, 2008

Using all my bikes

I have four bikes: 2 mountain bikes, a road bike and what I now term my utility bike. I used to try to use three different bikes in a week. It used to be three rather than four because the utility bike was an alternative commuter to the road bike.

I am now going to try to use all four bikes in a week, or should that really be trying to use all of my working bikes in a week. The Titus is currently out of action and I haven't managed to prod my mechanic into fixing it.......well we have been away.

So what constitutes a week (well its obviously 7 days!). I have been starting my training week on a Saturday currently as that's usually the day of my longest run so for now its Saturday to Saturday.

So far this week I have used the Spesh for shopping and the On One for a quick whizz round the Glentress Red. That just leaves the Ribble.....road ride tomorrow ?

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