Saturday, September 27, 2008


Felt very tired today, very weary indeed. I know some of it is down to a late night last night, I didn't get to bed until 1am this morning due to attending a leaving do for someone who is departing the country next week. I was driving and not drinking but I still had a late one and I need my sleep at the best of times.

I was also a grumpy sod all day which means my blood sugar is low and I need food. I need to be careful with this as I can underfuel myself and run myself down. It tends to be cumulative over the course of a week olr soand I think Thursday's run really took it out of me.

I decided not to do my planned hilly off road run and have an extra rest day, well apart from some shopping on the bike. I did about 13.5 miles in total at an ambling pace. I did a quick trip to the supermarket first and it was obvious I was tired, I perked up on the bike though. I had a massive craving for biscuits on the way round the store and left with my shopping and a triple pack of jaffa cakes (well they were on offer).

I had about 5 when I got home then cycled out to the farm shop for the fruit and veg. It was a lovely day for bimbling along and I noticed a lane called Hugh Lane. I had cycled on a Hugh Lane about a mile back and I thought there was a good chance this was part of the same road, though it would be split by the bypass. I decided to have a look on the way home.

After riding the road bike on Thursday with the lovely carbon forks the Spesh felt very harsh, I hit a small pothole and I thought the jarring was going to break my neck. I need to look at getting some carbon forks or some maxlight ones or something on it as the £10 Ebay specials I have on at the minute are so harsh.

I got my veg shopping and bought some more biscuits, I'd forgotten I had already had jaffa cakes. It was an indication that I was low on energy reserves I don't usually crave that much sweet stuff. I trundled back and took the other part of Hugh Lane and sure enough it ended at the bypass and annoyingly they had a stile rather than a gate.

I took the panniers off and lifted the bike over as I couldn't be bothered going back, lifted panniers over and put them back on and rolled across the road then repeated the shenanigans for the stile on the other side. THe second stile was more awkward than the first as it had steps I then continued on my way....I haven't mastered the art of packing the panniers well yet, as can be seen below.

I still haven't found the Garmin unit yet, I remember taking it off the road bike then its all a blank after that, though on the plus side it I hadn't left it in my jacket an put it through the washing machine. It's probably ran away to join my remote car key as I still haven't found that yet either!

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