Friday, September 5, 2008

Thursday 4th September: Short Road Run

Ummed and aahed a little over this but as I didn't get out on the bike yesterday as I couldn't be bothered with the wind or getting soaked on the trails I wanted to do something. I decided against going to the club as 1) My hip is still not right and 2) I only wanted to do three miles max at my own pace. I thought I would check out a quiet road that links Farington to the edge of Lostock Hall, its part of the cycle network apparently and I wanted to know if it would be owrth using when shopping on the bike. I know that it ends up on Croston Road and has bollards at the other end so cars can't whizz through it.

Got kit on and set off, after about five minutes it was clear my hip really wasn't happy but I kept going as sometimes it loosens off a bit once I warm up properly. I eventually got across the dual carriageway section which is quite frankly a royal PITA, its so fast and busy that its really difficult to cross. I'm never convinced by the tendency to put foot/cyclepaths around the perimeter of roundabouts as you have to cross over the fast flowing entry/exit points. As its a dual carriageway on and off this side of the roundabout it was difficult to get both clear, queueing drivers were lovely and quite happy to wait to let me cross but there was still traffic screaming up the other lane.

Heading into Leyland I set off down a track with a public footpath sign on it and ended up practically running into someone's front garden, oops. I backtracked a bit and jogged further up the road remembering that on the map it was a reasonably sized road, not a track. I got almost to the stables and noticed a junction. I crossed over and there was a blue cycle route sign, hurrah. I set off down the road which had loads of big houses on it, really big houses and big posh cars.

At one time it had been a fairly well used road as it was wide, had a proper footpath beside it and there were cat eyes still embedded in it. The white lines had been removed but they had obviously been there. A pretty good cycling option then though it doesn't entirely eliminate the faff of getting to Leyland though the centre of Lostock Hall may be slightly easier to negotiate, it will be pitch black at night. I passed the Leyland Trucks works then arrived at the underpass with the bollards, ran through then turned right to head home. I was still aware of my hip but it had calmed down a little or the endorphins had started to kick in as I was finally starting to enjoy myself. I speeded up for a while (someone up ahead) and ran through the precinct bit in the centre of town. I realised I was starving as the smells from the curry home and pizza place were lovely. I felt quite empty legged on the last bit to the Texaco garage then jogged the last quarter mile home.

So just over three miles and hip not brilliant. Think I may have to dose myself up with Ibuprofen for Saturday's trail race and get round as best I can. Speaking of which, wet weather measures have been implemented for it as the fields around Keswick are sodden, not surprising I suppose. I think I will do the Challenge again as I am not fit and the race goes through the Glenderattera Bogs. I'm not bothered about running through bogs, I do it all the time, however I don't run through boggy sections where the best part of a 1000 people have tramped through it before me!

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