Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday 19th Sept: Club Run

Yay, got out to run with the club again. It wasn't a long run but it was nice to be moving faster again, I don't think I've lost that much fitness either (for short runs anyway) though having well rested legs will certainly have helped. Things were a little tight but not sore so hopefully I'll be able to get back out running offroad at the weekend, hoping for 6 miles from Tockholes up to Darwen Tower and back.

It was dark by the time we'd finished which was a real shame, autumn's really here. I checked where I could leave my bike and they seemed to say the men's changing room entrance would be best, it gets locked when we are out running.

I have also decided to do some cross country races this autumn/winter, I haven't done CC since school! I was informed that the ladies races are only about 5K and nice and muddy. They are on Saturdays which hopefully means I'll be able to get a long bike ride or run in on the Sunday too. It also means an excuse to buy some new shoes, a pair of Walsh fell shoes has been recommended and the "Walsh Man" is coming to the club next Thursday so I can maybe get a hold of some then. Must remember to get there for 18:45, take some cash and probably the Spesh for the pannier to bring shoes back.

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