Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thursday 11th Sept: Glentress Red

We had a quick blast round the GT Red on the way home on Thursday to break the journey up. We worked out we hadn't ridden here since September 2006 and wondered what they had changed.

My legs were still quite shot from Monday's walk, my quads were utterly destroyed by it. Setting off up the new climb they had put in my legs felt like they'd been injected with lactic acid from the start, ow, ow, ow. This new climb was more enjoyable than the old and they'd put some obstacles in so it was now a typical 7 stanes "technical" climb: tarmac smooth with the odd obstacle then.

I rode all the switch backs very well on the up (and down) and really enjoyed the climb even though I couldn't push as hard as I really wanted. We flew down Spooky Wood then continued on down. Some of the older sections of this trail have really bedded down/eroded which has made them a lot less predictable, I liked that. We took the the Pie Run section and managed to get caught out by a back wheel spin on a root, as did Jez and a million other people judging by how clean and polished the root was.

Then it seemed quickly over as we were on the Falla Brae section, which has always been one of my favourites, a nice a fast drop to the car park and a huge slice of carrot cake.

A quick blast but GT is definitely a place I prefer coming to with a group of friends, its a bit samey otherwise, unless your into launching yourself off things which I am not. I actually think I prefer C-y-B as there is more technical interest without big jumps and woodwork constructions. GT "flows" better apparently but then I often find flow a euphemism for "boring".

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