Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sunday 31st August: Offroad Ride

Got out for a decent ride on Sunday. I wanted to do a ride of over 20 miles to start building endurance again. I have been coping well on shorter rides mainly because I have been well rested I think but my endurance is currently non-existent as even my long runs are rarely over two hours in length. Ed is in the same boat due to the arrival of little Molly and Jez has been away lots so we picked a ride around the Hebden Bridge area which we know and is testing but without being knackering. We decided to head out of Hurstwood rather than Worsthorne for a bit of variety. The plan was to head up to the Long Causeway, along the road for a bit then offroad down towards Tod via the golf course, along the canal to Hebden Bridge, cafe stop, warm the legs up with the road climb out of town, brutalise them with the climb from Hardcastle Crags whilst trying not to bring up lunch, cruise along the tops for a while before almost finishing ourselves off with the evil climb up from Widdop res, finishing with a lovely downhill back to the car.

It was pretty misty again, though not pea-soup foggy as it was on our Wednesday evening ride over Winter Hill. The moisture in the air helped cool things down as there was no wind at all. I really enjoyed the ride and still seemed to have some technical competence. We stopped in Hebden for a bite to eat but we were stopped for a little longer than ideal and I got quite cold. It took a while for my legs to get back into it again and they weren't really happy until up onto the moors but then I was bracing myself for the Widdop climb! I cleaned the climb but my lack of fitness was showing, not so much in overall speed but more in the amount of use I had to make of the flatter sections to bring my heart rate down, when I'm fitter it falls faster. I cleaned the last technical section but not without having a good argument with my bike about where it wanted to go and where I wanted it to go - I won this time.

Normally the climb up from Widdop is sweetened by the fact it is pretty much all downhill back to the car and I suppose it is but not with a major bloody headwind and eyes full of crap chucked up from the wheel, my own fault for not bringing my glasses and we all suffered the same. It was a nice cruise off the Gorple road back to the cars. As we started to pack up the rain properly started, timing!

So, will hopefully ride Wednesday (will need to dig lights out) but off next week so who knows what will happen as Jez wants to get some walking in and I want to go camping somewhere so hopefully weather will be kind.

I forgot to reset the Garmin at the start of the ride so it added it all on to Wednesday's ride but I think we covered about 23/24 miles.

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