Thursday, September 25, 2008

Running and Riding

I decided to ride to the running club tonight o the road bike. I was thinking of taking the Spesh and pannier as I was looking at buying some shoes but in the end decided to go on the roadie and stuff everything in the small rucksack.

I had to detour twice, once to pick up the Garmin as my Polar transmitter battery is dead, again. The second time to get some cash (though that one was planned). I rode nice and steady. The worst hill is pretty much at the start and I was going up it nicely until a lorry tried to squeeze past me at a traffic island, then stopped suddenly as he obviously hadn't spotted the mini roundabout ahead. Getting going again was a bit of an effort but I reminded myself to keep it slow.

It was about 7.7 miles there even with the detours so it is a bit less than I thought. I had a good break before running as I tried on some shoes and bought some very, very red Walsh's for cross country races. I did notice that there didn't seem to be as many of the slower runners here tonight as there usually are but I set off in the usual group. My legs felt ok running and I was doing fine.

Somehow we ended up tagging onto the back of the middle group and started running with them. I was expecting a nice steady four miler and instead I was running faster than I normally do whilst they looked for hills to do hard efforts on! I think we did about four of them and I was absolutely ragged by the end. We were running for about 55 minutes and I think we did just over 6 miles though it felt like more. As I was the slowest there I didn't get my usual rest when waiting for people as they were waiting for me. I did really enjoy it and it'll do wonders for my running,it just wasn't what I was expecting!

I then had to cycle home, people did offer me a lift but I declined (cos I'm stupid like that). I got all my gubbins together, lights on and set off, ouch! Lets just say it wasn't my fastest ride ever but my legs felt much better at the end of the ride than they did at the end of the run. I noticed this too when I cycled to the 4 miler over the summer and it is one of my main reasons for doing it. Normally we head back as fast as you like to the clubhouse at the end of the run, have a bit of a cursory stretch (less when it gets really cold) then jump in the car. If I'd done that after the run I'd just had my legs would be stiff as a board in the morning.

I'm not sure how often I'm going to do it as it was hard but I think I'll get used to it. I also need to look at fuelling (again) as I had a hard run plus about 15 miles of hilly cycling and I was so, so , so hungry when I got home.

I also appear to have lost the Garmin unit?!

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