Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rest Day (ish)

Had a half hour session with Alan last night where he attacked my psoas, it was feeling better by the end but it feels quite tender today due to the trigger point work. Depending on what gets done I often have to take it quite easy the day after a massage session to let the muscles return to normal so that's what I'm doing today. It also helps I don't really have a working MTB at the minute and no-one else is available to ride tonight so the temptation has been removed.

My plan is to ride to Leyland Library at a leisurely pace to pick up the book I requested, bimble back and so some core work (shudder, I hate doing core work) as I really do need to do some then 20 minutes or so of yoga stretches.

I did my morning stretch routine today and need to get back into that habit as it used to keep lots of lower limb problems away when running a lot.

I had a quick look around the centre of Buckshaw Village last night when attending my massage session but I couldn't see anywhere I'd be happy to leave my bike for an hour or so, no bike parking at all outside the few shops which is surprising considering all the paths are cycle paths. I should be taking it easy after a massage anyway so I will continue using my car for it for now.

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