Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick Ride Round Grizedale NFT

We decided to take Jez's mate round the NFT in Grizedale today, he's not done that much MTBing so its a good trail to keep an eye on someone and at 12 miles or so about the right length for a beginner's concentration level. It was wet when we got there but quite still and a little chilly. We were gutted to find that the cafe was closed as they are renovating that whole visitor centre area - another trip to Wilf's would be called for.

Jez rode in front, his mate in the middle and I rode at the back as sweeper. My favourite part of this whole trail is the initial climb (and I very rarely say that about a climb) and as I was taking it easy I enjoyed it even more though riding that slowly is not without its difficulties at times. The wooden boards were very wet and slippy but we all cleared them easily (apart from one minor off much later).

As it became apparent that Jez's mate was coping just fine with things I started hanging back, then riding at my normal pace until I caught up then hanging back again. This was also quite good fun as the nature of this trail means that it is normally a flat out blast. There is only one real climb so I'm always on the redline round here keeping speed up and start making mistakes due to oxygen deprivation and trying to stay away from the person behind me. This time I got to rest frequently so I had an ace time, really throwing the bike around in the singletrack.

The On One was chainsucking quite a bit as the middle ring is goosed and it was starting to get annoying by the end. I also pinch flatted at the start of the very last section when I lofted my wheel off the little bridge. I did think it sounded like a heavy landing but got away with it until I stopped when I caught up to the lads. When I started rolling again the tyre was obviously flat as a pancake so I had to run the last section. It was a bit tricky trying to run on a rocky uneven track in bike shoes, I couldn't quite fit me and the bike on the trail at the same time either and I almost turned my ankle once.

I just pushed my bike back to the car whilst the boys rode ahead and started packing up. We visited Wilf's on the way home where I stuffed my face, I was starving and the post ride pint went straight to my head even though I asked for the beer with the lowest alcohol content. Jez quickly changed my inner tube when packing the bikes away when we got home as I had to dash off to my appointment with Alan.

The On One is now out of action too until I get the drive train sorted, I would ride it in blissful ignorance but now that I know its in dire need of maintenance I won't as now I know about it it will fall apart. I am on call this weekend so I can't venture too far into the wilds anyway so I will look at getting a road ride in nearer to home. Hopefully Jez can get this sorted on Sunday as he's away on Saturday, it will need to be prioritised over the Titus as I need a working MTB!

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