Friday, September 5, 2008

Online Shopping

I'm continuing to lay the groundwork for doing more of my errands by bike and had my first shopping delivery last night. I chose Sainsburys as I prefer it to Tescos anyway and they have one hour delivery slots. I've toyed with the idea before but never got round to it as Sainsburys is quite literally only a mile away from my house, so I still wasn't convinced I would be happy with it and keep thinking I am a lazy moo.

I chose 9pm - 10pm and at 9:05 pm the driver arrived with my shopping. After a complete faff with me not being able to find my front door key, d'oh I took delivery of my shopping with a nice glass of red in my hand. I'm convinced!

It was all there apart from the fizzy water and the pitta bread and as I'd asked for no substitutions this time they just weren't included. I will revisist the substitution thing as they allow you to specifiy no subs for each individual item and fizzy water is fizzy water. Its not like fruit or veg or meat etc which I'd be more picky about.

A lot of things were delivered in carrier bags, more than I would ever use (or used to use as I have reuseable bags these days) as they organise things by dry, dairy etc which is nice. The driver said they will take the bags back next time for recycling, in fact they will take back any carrier bags not just their own which is better than nothing I suppose. Hopefully they will introduce a "no bags" option like Tesco do....actually will check the website to make sure they don't already do it and I have missed it.

It will take a few goes before I get organised around this but I'm aiming for a bulky delivery once a month for things like washing powder, loo rolls etc. I'll have to play it by ear a while on other odds and sods though nipping to Sainsburys by bike at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon to pick up the odd thing will not be anywhere near as traumatic as trying to get a car in there.

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