Monday, September 22, 2008

Off Road Run

Headed out from Ryal Fold after work, it was cloudy and a little chilly - lovely and sunny in St Annes when I left work which is just typical. I set off up the hill and remembered that the loop I was planning was the same one where my psoas started giving me trouble. After I climb for a bit I then descend again, the first section is off road and the second is tarmac and on the tarmac I started having problems last time. It happened again!

I am possibly running too fast, or maybe its because I headed straight up hill out the car without an easy warmup, or maybe its to do with tarmac? It wasn't in danger of cramping on the offroad descent. I slowed down enough to calm it down a bit and it only merely grumbled for the rest of the run.

Trail conditions were even drier than Saturday though there was one section of very deep minging looking bog that I couldn't be bothered running though and used the fence to avoid. The trails we MTB on will be fast for Wednesday's night ride.

Just under 6 miles, starting to feel stronger again - barring psoas. I have thought back to last time I had this problem and I remember spending a lot of time doing side planks, time to start again, deep joy!

My Mizuno Harrier shoes are getting on for 400 miles in them so I am looking out for something else, I normally retire road shoes around the 400 - 500 mark but I think they've still got loads left in them. I think I will get another pair of the Harriers for drier runs but they really struggle on the gloopy moorland sections, last winter I avoided certain areas as I knew I would be skating rather than running, I want to be able to keep running them. I think Walsh shoes will be ok for cross country but too minimalist for me for the normal runs I do. Will have a look at Inov-8's range to see if I fancy trying any of them.

Running is supposed to be a cheap sport! In comparison to cyclig I suppose it is!


  1. I have a pair of Inov8 Roclite 318 GTX and they are great for when it gets wet and gloopy under foot. Really grippy, the last isn't too racey and my feet stay dry unless I get into anything too deep. I found the sizing a bit weird so definitely a brand that needs trying on.

  2. Will look at them too then, I have acquired a pair of Walsh's but they are a little on the flimsy feeling side.