Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off Road Run - At Last

Got out for a run offroad this afternoon and it was really hot! My poor body didn't know what was happening to it: running, hills and heat. I knew with it being such a nice day that the Ryal Fold car park would be full so I parked in the car park just off the Belmont road, opposite Great Hill.

I ran from there, over the top of the moor to the tower, then back down and then back to the car. It was a new loop but I left myself a couple of climbs at the end which wasn't the most cunning plan. I didn't take my Camelbak to stop me from being tempted to stay out too long but I regretted not having any water with me, I felt like mugging one of the many walkers around today for their water bottle. I had 500ml of water in the car and drank the lot when I got back to it. I'm glad I had my cap with me, stop my head totally boiling.

Trail conditions were good, some soft going in places but lots of firm and dry stuff too. I also saw three other runners around the top of the moor, really unusual felt like telling them to get lost, its MY moor!

I did just under 6 miles at less that 10 minute mile, which is quite quick going for me on hilly offroad. My legs felt quite heavy at the start but when I got home I realised I'd already done over 20 miles of cycling errands so they weren't really as fresh as I thought they were. The tightness is easing so hopefully time to build the distance back up to the 10 - 12 mile mark.

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