Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Night Ride - New Light

What a fantastic evening for a ride, trails were pretty dry really and my new Light and Motion HID is superb. I knew my old HID wasn't working properly! I'd forgotten how much my ability level regresses on the first couple of night rides until I get used to not being able to look so far ahead on the trail. There were 6 of us in total, which is such a contrast to last winter when it mainly ended up just being Stu and I who got out regularly in the evening.

We didn't do the full route in the end due to two major chain mechanicals. I came off the the nice little rutty track to find Stu with his bike upside down and a snapped chain. Jez stayed to help Stu whilst Drew and I set off to meet up with Pam and Ed who CBA'd riding that section and had gone over the top and to let them know about the delay. A couple of metres later and Drew's chain was on the ground too. That's never happened before.

I rode up to the other two and we sat and chatted until the other three joined us, byt this time I was quite cold from doing nothing. We took the shorter route back down to the cars as it was getting on a bit too. Well actually Stu rode along to do the other descent which in the end I wished I'd done too as its one of my favourites and it would've taken the ride over 10 miles. I feel short changed these days on less than that. It'll be done plenty of times over the winter though.

The descent was ace, the new light allowing me to go faster. The section through the woods is at its best at night.

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