Monday, September 15, 2008


Have been thinking about all the bike kit I've bought over the last month, it was my own fault for thinking I hadn't spent much on them recently.

So far:

  • A new HID light for night riding - not essential but I don't trust my old one, cut out on me one too many times. £250 ish
  • New rear light for night riding - old one of them also flaky £10 (what do I do to lights?)
  • A set of Ortlieb panniers - should last years though £90 ish
  • Flippy pedals for the Spesh - £35
  • Set of bearings for the Titus swingarm and for the bottom bracket - £65 (gah!)
  • Jockey wheels for both Titus and On One rear mechs - £30 (splutter!)
  • New cables for both MTBs £40 ish (cough!)
  • New middle ring, chain and cassette for the On One - about £60 ish when I order them (eek!)
  • New chain for the Titus £15 ish when I order it (possibly new cassette too, doubt I'll get away with it)

Getting on for £600!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a new front commuter light too.

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