Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I decided to run in the end.

There was some patches of blue sky so I thought sod it, got my kit on and off I went. I could see black clouds looming but the wind had dropped a little. I wanted to keep my heart rate below 160 to make sure I didn't over do it. I succeeded pretty well actually, at the end of the run my average hr was 157. I have no idea on distance or pace as I don't have the Garmin but it ws quite nice to just amble along.

I even jogged up onto the railway embankments and I normally sprint up those. There weren't many people out and about and the Ribble was pretty high although not moving rapidly. Maybe the tide was coming in, the water sometimes looks like its flowing upstream when that happens.

On the last section of the tramway when heading home I was doing "oblivious runner with an Ipod on" running in the middle of the track. I realised and moved over to the left properly anda minute or two later a cyclist came past. He really needs to invest in a new pair of shorts, I got to see more of his backside than I really thought was decent. Bleurgh.

I think the route I took is around 5.5 miles as I've run it several times before. I managed not to get rained on at all which was nice. Assuming the weather isn't totally hideous then I will be night riding tomorrow then resting Thursday and Friday.

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