Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flippy Pedals

Fitted the flippy pedals (one side flat, one side SPD) to the Spesh on Sunday and gave them a try out. We were due to be heading up to Scotland late afternoon and we needed some bits and bobs from the supermarket and a map of the northern end of the Loch Lomond area as we were planning a walk over there, our Trossachs map didn't extend far enough. My plan was to head to supermarket first then into town for just after 11 am.

I don't have the panniers yet (the postie had taken them back to the delivery office and I won't be able to get them until Friday) so just stuffed the huge u-lock and cable lock into a rucksack and set off in my normal boots. I also had a fetching flouro yellow strap thing on my right ankle to keep trousers out of chain. I got to Sainsburys (less than a mile and a half), cycled straight up to the racks, dug the lock out and realised I didn't have a key for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cycled home, picked up the key and decided as it was nearing 11 to head into town instead now. Zoomed into town, only forgetting a couple of times I wasn't clipped in and pulled foot off pedal (always tried to unclip when I had to put a foot down though). Its just over two miles on the tramway, easy cycling (bit of a bugger of a hill into Preston from the river), no traffic lights or queues, then parked the bike for free right in the middle of Fishergate. Locked it up with both u and cable lock (through the quick release wheels) and wandered off to Waterstones to buy map.

Bought the relevent map and walked back to bike, which was still there. Unlocked it all again and set off home. I can't believe how almost completely painless it was. I say almost painless because carrying heavy locks in a rucksack is really annoying and uncomfortable, the u-lock was really digging into my spine. Apart from that it was so easy and enjoyable.

I came up behind Yvonne running on the tramway on the way back and stopped for a chat. She is struggling with injury at the moment too so we both had a moan about running injuries. She also told me she had a very nasty fall off her bike (her bag caught in the spokes so instantaneous off). We chatted for a while then parted company, I cycled home and dumped the map and the cable lock as I didn't think I would need it at Sainsburys and headed back to Sainsburys.

By this time things were getting a little busy at Mr S's, there was queueing to get in the car park but I just serenely rolled in, locked bike up, toddled round the store to get what I needed then serenely glided out of the car park without having to wait.

I ended up doing around 12 miles without even trying. I will hopefully be able to pick up the panniers soon.

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