Sunday, September 21, 2008

Enforced Rest Day

Bloody work!!!!!!!! Its always a risk going biking or offroad runs or even runs longer than 30 minutes when I'm on call but I was going to take the risk, its been really quiet on the on-call front for ages....I got paged at 6:22 am!

Dragged my confuddled head out of bed, Jez made me a coffee which helped me wake up and I got cracking on the problem. Things were sorted but I had to monitor something whilst it ran. It would normally take around 8 hours to run through but is usually fine, I check on it regularly just in case it falls over and has to be restarted. I decided to nip out to the farmer's market as I wasn't going to be heading out on my bike for a bit.

Couldn't see anywhere I'd be happy leaving a bike and there were a few daft drivers coming into the car park, I'm also not sure I'd want to cycle home with a whole shoulder of lamb and two large raw chickens when it was that warm. I go to that market very rarely anyway, I usually go to Penwortham and Pam picks me up on her way through. My panniers generally aren't big enough for my normal market haul, though I would be happy cycling to that one.

I got home and the damn job had fallen over and I had to restart it from the beginning, so at least an hour behind and I was now too worried to leave it for anymore than half an hour in case it failed again.

It didn't finish until 7:15 pm, by which time it was getting dark. I did get lots of jobs done around the house which needed doing: Christmas Cake made, chickens jointed and stock made from the carcasses, started tidying up the garden ready for winter.... So a productive day but not what I wanted.

Will run offroad after work tomorrow it won't be long before its too dark for me to do it anymore this year, sigh.

Just realised it might disrupt my plan of riding all of my three working bikes (the On One is due to be fixed up tomorrow and ridden Wednesday) this week. I may need to have the pannier for riding to the club on Thursday as not sure I can fit two pairs of shoes (if I buy some Walsh's) in my small rucksack, may try though stuffing two pairs in at some point to see what happens as the road bike will be quicker.

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